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Il garden italiano del Prix Ars Electronica 2021 sta prendendo vita! Un network di progetti che hanno consentito l’interazione tra ricerca scientifica e artistica sul tema dell’ambiente.
Ecco il programma:


  1. Marco Barotti solo exhibit. The artist will showcase at Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita four of his last more iconic artworks: Swans, Clams, Woodpeckers and Moss.Moss is a site specific artwork, a dome overgrown with mosses, it’s designed to analyze the air of our cities and to reinterpret the data collected from the World Air Quality Index with breathing patterns and evolving soundscapes. This program is curated by Sineglossa and Kilowatt for Resilienze Festival.
  2. Un suono in estinzione is an art&science project by Neunau curated by Umanesimo Artificiale aimed at monitoring climate change implications on alpine glaciers through an artistic exploration. Through the installation of custom recording devices, the artists will monitor the changes from inside the Adamello glacier in Italy throughout the seasons.
  3. Un millesimo di millimentro speculates about a near-future where microplastics are so pervasive in the oceans that become part of the evolution of marine microorganisms.The project is developed by Giovanni Muzio and Umanesimo Artificiale in collaboration with IRBIM, a department of CNR.
  4. Entu is a sci-art project by Emanuele Balia, Fabrizio Casti and Sandro Mungianu in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and CRS4.Researchers and artists will collaborate to return open data in the form of music, images and words, through the use of AI algorithms, to offer a highly perceptive, visual and sound return of the effect that pollution and development, understood as pressure anthropogenic, have on wind, rain and the environment.
  5. Data Tour D’Italie Talk. How can data help us in better understanding environmental and social challenges? Data are not good or bad, they simply are. Their aim is, or it should be, empowering our knowledge about the complex ecosystem we live in. 4 high profile speakers with artistic and scientific expertise who study, interpret and challenge data or data users will discuss how we can make them a tool for a more inclusive, sustainable and beautiful society.


ENTU, la performance curata insieme a Fabrizio Casti ed Emanuele Balia, con la collaborazione di Umanesimo Artificiale, Spaziomusicaproject ed EIA Factory, sarà presentata ufficialmente l’11 settembre 2021.

Ecco un video con qualche anticipazione sui progetti: